Eezilok Centre Umbrellas    

red canopy umbrella being openedEezilok Umbrella

Eezilok Centre Pole Umbrellas

Opening of the canopy could not be easier, just push upwards and the canopy locks into position.

No Rope, No Pin !

  • Shapes & Size
hexagonalHexagonal Canopy



squareSquare Canopy



  • Mounting and Base Options

We have a range of mountings and bases to choose from :

Standard Base - Standard base concrete block with triangle up stand.  This can be placed on any flat surface.

Underground Base - Underground Base which you would need to dig a hole, insert the underground base, fill with concrete and leave to harden.

Mobile Base - A concrete base which has wheels in order to move around.  The wheels can be locked when you have the correct position.

Water Base - A specially designed container which can be filled with water to anchor your umbrella.

  • Opening Mechanism

Our opening mechanism has been engineered for smooth operation.  No rope or pin required.  By sliding the center hub upwards, the canopy opens and automatically locks into position.  When the canopy needs to be closed, the hub is gently pulled downwards and it automatically closes.

  • Structure & Finish

      The entire structure is fabricated from Aluminium with a steel elbow reinforcement.  The whole umbrella rotates 360° and locks into position with a ring and ground pin.There are three types of finishes for the aluminium : 

      Anodized Aluminium – This is our standard silver/grey colour

      Wood Grain Aluminium – This makes the aluminium essentially look like wood

      Powder Coating – Provides the aluminium components in a different colour

      • Fabric

          We provide two types of fabric:

          Polyfast – this cloth has no fade guarantee

          Proof – this cloth has a 3 year fade guarantee

          Colours Available -  black, yellow, red, navy, royal blue, ecru, white or green.

          The umbrella canopy fabric is securely attached using arm sleeves making it easy to remove for seasonal changes or care and maintenance.

          • Branding

              We offer screen printing and can provide branding to the canopy panels if required.  

              Positives - If this is your first branding order with us, you will require a Printing Positive. We use this printing positive to print your logo exactly on the fabric.  If you have already purchased branding from us in the past and your logo has not changed, we do not need to create another.

              Number of colours - The more colours in your logo, the more time and effort will be required to print your logo, this directly impacts the price.

              • Care and Maintenance

                  Every one of our umbrellas are meticulously engineered to the highest degree to maximize not just their form and functions, but also to make sure they outlast the harshest natural conditions, including the human handling element.  Each item is crafted from the finest weather resistant materials, specifically selected for their ability to endure the elements.  Although our products are built to last, the relentless and extreme nature of the outdoors dictates that the proper care and maintenance will always extend the lifespan of any item.

                  Frames: Our umbrella frames are constructed from the finest quality aluminum and stainless steel.  Our frames have been tested in strong winds but can only benefit from the appropriate application of caution and common sense in excessive wind conditions.  We recommend the use of cover bags to prolong the life of their covering fabrics. We recommend the closure and safe storage of any collapsible and removable components when the umbrella is not in use or when strong winds are expected.

                  Fittings: All fittings, nuts, bolts and pulley components are made with non-corrosive materials and glass filled nylon.  Maintaining these fittings and components is imperative to the longevity and the proper operation of our umbrellas.  Occasional fresh water rinsing will help keep them working well and looking good.

                  Bases: It is essential to select the right base for your umbrella.  This will ensure your umbrella is anchored properly.  Concrete bases and wall mountings can be washed with fresh water if required.

                  Fabrics:  Our covers are made from durable, colour-fast and dirt repellent fabrics.  Proper care such as storage when not in use and cleaning from time to time will undoubtedly extend their lifespan.





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