Umbrella Bases    

We have a range of different umbrella bases to suit all your requirements.

umbrella cross baseCantilever Cross Base


Cantilever cross base without blocks


umbrella cross brace with four concrete blocksCantilever Cross Base with Blocks


Cantilever cross base with blocks


umbrella cross base with lock wheelsCross Base with Lock Wheels


Mobile Cantilever cross base without blocks


octagonal concrete umbrella baseOctagonal Concrete Base


55kg Centre Pole Base


octagonal concrete umbrella base with locking wheelsOctagonal Concrete Base with Lock Wheels


Mobile 55kg Centre Pole Base with Lockable Wheels


round concrete base for umbrellaRound Concrete Base


Round Centre Pole Concrete Base


plastic round water base for umbrellasWater Base


Round Centre Pole Water Base


umbrella ground spikeGrass Spike


Grass Spike Mounting


90 degree wall mounting bracket for umbrellas90 Deg Wall Mount


90 Degree Wall Mounting


underground mounting bracket for umbrellasUnderground Mounting

Undergound Mounting

Needs to be buried under ground and surrounded with concrete.





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