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Below are a few examples of the charity organizations that we have supported.

Feed the Babies Fund

DP Furniture received a request from Feed the Babies Fund to purchase tables and plastic chairs for the children they support.

DP Furniture generously offered to donate more than 250 plastic chairs and 50 plastic tables to the organization to assist them in the selfless quest to fight malnutrition amongst babies and small children in KZN.

Since 1957 Feed the Babies Fund has been serving the communities of Kwazulu-Natal. The organization that started out as a feeding scheme, now specializes in early childhood development focusing on caregiver training, child nutrition and attending to crèche wish lists.

When we realized that a number of our creches were in dire need of plastic tables and chairs, DP Furniture Solutions generously matched our order with a donation of over 250 chairs and 50 tables. 

Feed the babies fund

Tembalethu School

There is a little school in Gugulethu called Tembalethu. This school offers education and therapy to children that have special needs and they need/appreciate all the help they can get.

At the Pepkor site we had a small debacle involving 36 metal tables that were delivered for a canteen but were subsequently damaged during delivery. An awesome supplier by the name of DP Furniture up in Johannesburg offered a free replacement on condition that the existing tables be delivered to a charity of Stefanutti Stocks’s choice.

The Pepkor team got thinking and found this awesome little treasure called Tembalethu in the depths of Gugulethu. They responded to us by saying that the tables would be a massive contribution as they would serve many uses namely the boarding house dining hall, parents’ evenings and cake sales etc.

We gave Nico a call, got the 4 ton truck with Willem at the helm and promptly delivered the tables on a beautiful Thursday morning. The kids and staff of Tembalethu were very grateful for the delivery as can be seen in the photos.

All this could not have been done without the help of Ken Rowe at DP Furniture and the Stefanutti Stocks Pepkor staff. A big thank you too everyone involved. Pepkor for Life – Ryall Jacobs